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Echo Hills neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: management occupations (except farmers) (19.5%); sales and office occupations (19.5%); business and financial operations occupations (15.8%); service occupations (10.6%); computer and mathematical occupations (8.9%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (4.0%); architecture and engineering occupations (3.7%)Most popular occupations of females: service occupations (16.0%); sales and office occupations (15.8%); business and financial operations occupations (14.7%); management occupations (except farmers) (11.9%); education, training, and library occupations (10.9%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (9.7%); legal occupations (7.9%)Limited-access highways (interstate or state) in this neighborhood: Brookshire Fwy E (I- 277, State Hwy 16).

Highways in this neighborhood: State Hwy 27 (E 7th St); US Hwy 74; Providence Rd (State Hwy 16). Elizabeth neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: transportation occupations (18.9%); service occupations (17.0%); material moving occupations (16.3%); sales and office occupations (9.8%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (9.1%); management occupations (except farmers) (7.3%); business and financial operations occupations (6.4%)Most popular occupations of females: service occupations (45.3%); sales and office occupations (38.5%); material moving occupations (4.9%); transportation occupations (3.8%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (3.3%); management occupations (except farmers) (2.5%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (1.2%)Roads and streets: State Rd 1662 (Tuckaseegee Rd); Avalon Ave; Glenwood Dr; Ambassador St; Parkway Ave; Mathis Dr; Tennyson Dr; Parkside Dr; Morson St; Rogers St; Carol Ave; Effingham Rd; Karendale Ave; Coker Ave; Tresevant Ave; Tillman Rd; Enderly Rd; State St; Rush Ave; Rose St; Crestmere St; Alice Ave; Dewolfe St; Camp Greene St; Plainview Rd; Pritchard St; Brice St; Clay Ave; Ringwood St; Bonaire Dr; Triangle Dr; Barlowe Rd; Fern Ave; Elon St; Maury St; Garringer Pl; Credenza Rd; Bahama Dr; Clydesdale Ter; Hazel St; Pryor St; Vanizer St; Mc Quay St; Davenport St; Joyceton St; Kirkland Ave; Fairground Ave; Beaugard Dr; Amber Dr; Opal St; Gaston St; Lena Dr; Dawnview Pl; Kadey Dr; South St; Lake Ave; Ruby St; Roy St; Texas Ct; Ellie Ln; Gallagher St.

Roads and streets: Craig Ave; Woodlark Ln; S Sharon Amity Rd; Walker Rd; Linda Ln; Water Oak Rd; N Sharon Amity Rd; Ferncliff Rd; Richland Dr; Litchfield Rd; Bertonley Ave; Randolph Rd; Queen Charlotte's Ct; Wright Ave; Andover Rd; Lomax Ave; Delane Ave; Heathwood Rd; Windemere Ln; Tangle Dr; Emory Ln; Coventry Rd; Bridlepath Ln; Topsfield Rd; Colwick Rd; Castleton Rd; Merwick Cir; Nancy Dr; Audubon Rd; Churchill Downs Ct; Danbury St; Exeter Rd; Chiswick Rd; Bobby Ln; Goshen Pl; Hartness Ave; Millbrook Rd; Greenwich Rd; Cheltenham Rd; Barwick Rd; Halesworth Dr; Cheddington Dr; Lees Court St; Chelmsford Rd; Eastview Dr; Rosewood Cir; Jenkins Ave; Bloomdale Dr; Judith Ct; Whitby Ln; Isabel Ct; Falcon St; Yoruk Forest Ln; Pineview Rd; Wordsworth Ln; Brantham Ct; Night Heron Ln; Hollywood St; Corinthian Pl; Mendenhall Ct; Holroyd Ct; Milbrook Rd; Tyng Way; Dubarry St; Hathaway St. Coventry neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (29.4%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (16.5%); transportation occupations (11.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (8.1%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (7.4%); material moving occupations (5.3%); sales and office occupations (4.4%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (35.5%); service occupations (26.7%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (9.9%); production occupations (8.8%); business and financial operations occupations (7.2%); management occupations (except farmers) (3.8%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (2.0%)Roads and streets: Amity Pl; Reddman Rd (State Rd 3146); State Rd 3143 (Idlewild Rd); Coronado Dr; Cedars East Ct; Amity Springs Dr; Cedarwood Ln; Farmingdale Dr (State Rd 3219); Glenbrier Dr; Holbrook Dr; Paces Glen Ave; Springfield Dr; Elm Forest Dr; N Sharon Amity Rd; Country Walk Dr; Southwood Oaks Ln; Kipling Dr; Sunset Chase Ln; Reddman Apts Dr; Eaglecrest Rd; Winged Elm Ct; Reddman Square Apts Dr; Fair Grove Ln; Boston Ave; Corktree Ct; Iron Gate Ln; Rosehill Dr; Green Forrest Dr; Cedar Springs Rd; Old Lantern Way; Firelight Ln; Sunrise Ct; Balsam Fir Dr; Piney Path Rd; Albany Ln; Morninglow Ct; Athens Pl; Knollgate Dr; Amity Garden Ct; Misty Way Ln; Pierson Dr; Misty Morning Dr; Shelley Ave; Aspendale Ln; Treetop Ct; Stonecrest Dr; Pinebark Ct; Keats Ave; Hunting Ridge Ln; Cold Water Ln; Vandalia Dr; Rock Hollow Dr; Meadow Hill Dr; Starkwood Dr; Beechknoll Ct; Whittier Pl; Villages at Forest R Dr; Hollins Dr; Fresh Wind; Thorne Grove Ln; Pinemont Ln; Cedarwild Rd; Wildleaf Ct; Vescova Ct; Nature Walk Dr; Calico Ct; Glenelm Ct; Collier Ct; Sunglow Ct; Pandora Ct; Summer Oaks Dr; Tilbury Ct; Edenwood Pl; Carthage St; Scelina Dr; Ridge Point Ct; Galena Ct; Alrose Dr; Pine Hollow Dr; Easton Pl; Oakleaf Dr (State Rd 3221). Coventry Woods neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: service occupations (40.2%); sales and office occupations (19.2%); transportation occupations (12.2%); management occupations (except farmers) (7.9%); production occupations (7.4%); material moving occupations (5.2%); computer and mathematical occupations (1.6%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (53.1%); service occupations (17.3%); transportation occupations (8.5%); management occupations (except farmers) (5.4%); education, training, and library occupations (4.7%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (4.5%); production occupations (3.4%)Roads and streets: Horne Dr; Double Oaks Rd; Oaklawn Ave; Rising Oak Dr; Samuel St; Woodward Ave; Stroud Park Ct; Geraldine Powe Dr; Newland Rd; Statesville Ave; Ethel Guest Ln; Moss St; Dearborn Ave; Kohler Ave; Peaceful Way Dr; Eureka St; Benson St; Genesis Park Pl; Rush Wind Dr.

Roads and streets: Romare Bearden Dr; Farmer St; Clanton Rd; Hiram St; Spring Forest Dr; Caronia St; Golden Ridge Ln; Spring Oak Dr; Fulliger St; Fennimore St.

Brookhills neighborhood detailed profile neighborhood in Charlotte statistics: (Find on map) Area: 0.308 square miles Roads and streets: Starwood Dr; Rockwood Rd; Arbor Dale Ave; River Falls Dr; Larewood Dr; Cold Springs Rd; Holly Tree Dr; Whittlington Dr; White Pine Rd; Landon St; Greenwood Ct; Branch St; Midvale Ter.

Cabarrus Woods neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: sales and office occupations (32.4%); service occupations (17.9%); management occupations (except farmers) (15.2%); transportation occupations (13.3%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (11.4%); education, training, and library occupations (10.1%); production occupations (8.4%)Most popular occupations of females: service occupations (34.6%); healthcare practitioners and technical occupations (18.3%); production occupations (14.2%); education, training, and library occupations (12.5%); transportation occupations (9.1%); business and financial operations occupations (8.7%); sales and office occupations (6.6%)Highways in this neighborhood: West Blvd (State Hwy 160). Capitol Drive neighborhood detailed profile Most popular occupations of males: sales and office occupations (21.6%); management occupations (except farmers) (17.4%); production occupations (10.0%); service occupations (9.2%); business and financial operations occupations (8.0%); architecture and engineering occupations (5.3%); construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations (4.9%)Most popular occupations of females: sales and office occupations (29.7%); service occupations (25.0%); management occupations (except farmers) (16.6%); business and financial operations occupations (6.2%); life, physical, and social science occupations (4.5%); legal occupations (4.5%); arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations (4.1%)Highways in this neighborhood: Pineville-Matthews Rd (State Hwy 51).

Roads and streets: E W T Harris Blvd; Monroe Rd (State Rd 1009); Central Ave; N Sharon Amity Rd; State Rd 3143 (Idlewild Rd); Shamrock Dr; Eastway Dr; Commonwealth Ave; State Rd 2820 (Pence Rd); Linda Lake Dr; State Rd 2820 (Hickory Grove Rd); Plott Rd (State Rd 2824); Farm Pond Ln (State Rd 3145); Evergreen Cemetery Dr; Margaret Wallace Rd (State Rd 3156); State Rd 3139 (Marlwood Cir); Sudbury Rd; Amity Pl; Cross Pointe Cir; Arnold Dr; Lawyers Rd (State Rd 3128); Milton Rd; Wilora Lake Rd; Kilborne Dr; The Plaza; Reddman Rd (State Rd 3146); Belvedere Ave; Shenandoah Ave; Robinson Church Rd (State Rd 2822); Pierson Dr; Briar Creek Rd; Woodland Dr; Norland Rd; Purser Dr; Kimmerly Glen Ln; Lakeside Dr; Sardis Rd N (State Rd 3469); State Rd 2942 (Williams Rd); Dunlavin Way; Krefeld Dr; Finchley Dr; Meadowdale Ln; Vernedale Rd; Chesterfield Ave; Woodleaf Rd; Barrington Dr; Mecklenburg Ave; Clifton Meadow Dr; Ruth Dr; Country Club Dr; Burtonwood Cir (State Rd 3334); State Rd 3332 (Wallace Rd); Carriage Drive Cir; State Rd 3152 (Piney Grove Rd); Somerdale Ln; State Rd 2866 (Lawrence Orr Rd); Wallace Ln (State Rd 3154); Birchcrest Dr; Grove Park Blvd; Bay St; Dunwoody Dr; Enfield Rd; Coronado Dr; Tipperary Pl; Mc Laughlin Dr; Old Meadow Rd; Point Lake Dr; State Rd 2869 (Barcliff Dr); Winterfield Pl; City View Dr (State Rd 3153); Circumferential Rd; Idlebrook Dr; Woodberry Rd; State Rd 2972 (Delta Lake Dr); Magnolia Hill Dr; Farmingdale Dr (State Rd 3219); Village Lake Dr; Harrisburg Rd; Cedars East Ct; Woodthrush Dr; Thomas Ave; Hilliard Dr; Marlbrook Dr; Mc Clintock Rd; Academy St; Shannonhouse Dr; Driftwood Dr; Briardale Dr; Club Rd; Lake Forest Dr E; Pecan Ave; Glencannon Dr; State Rd 3201 (Elwood Dr); Delgany Dr; Dwightware Blvd; Kensington Dr; Stonehaven Dr; Sheridan Dr; Kelston Pl; Foxford Pl; Colebrook Rd; Kildare Dr; Lakedell Dr; Trysting Rd (State Rd 2864); Trotters Ridge Rd; Old Post Rd; Winfield Dr; Eaton Rd; Laburnum Ave; Dogwood Pl (State Rd 2952); Grafton Dr; Markway Dr; Strangford Ave; Silabert Ave; Greylyn Business Par Dr; Walnut Wood Dr; Hamorton Pl; Dorn Cir; Fox Run Dr; Lanier Ave; Unaka Ave; Edsel Pl; Briarhill Dr; Easthaven Dr; Woodgreen Ter; Mission Hills Rd; Palm Ave; Amity Springs Dr; Burnt Umber Dr; Matheson Ave; Willard Farrow Dr; Pinecrest Ave; Cedarwood Ln; Denson Pl; Airlie St; Carolyn Dr; Craigwood Dr; Morningside Dr; Winding Cedar Trl; Havenwood Rd; State Rd 2865 (Hobbs Hill Dr); E Sugar Creek Rd; Barncliff Rd; Washburn Ave; Hanna Ct; Meadowcliff Dr; Chatham Ave; Westover St; Lorna St; Robinhood Cir; Dion Ave (State Rd 3155); Crestmont Dr; Chasewood Dr; Lansdale Dr; Rama Rd (State Rd 3330); Dunaire Dr; Melody Ln; Charleston Place Ln; Allister Dr; Draper Ave; Riding Trail Rd; State Rd 2857 (Randy Dr); Nathanael Greene Ln; Glenbrier Dr; Eaves Ln; Holbrook Dr; Delivau Dr; Fox Hunt Rd; W Dresden Dr; Knickerbocker Dr; Studley Rd; Medford Dr; Lanecrest Dr; Dalefield Dr; Anderson St; Herrin Ave; Dooley Dr (State Rd 3139); Ashley Farm Dr; Crownpoint Executive Dr; Paces Glen Ave; Rosehaven Dr; Galway Dr; Faulconbridge Rd; Auburndale Rd; State Rd 2803 (Plaza Rd Exd, The Plaza); Pencade Ln; State Rd 2863 (Holly Hill Rd); Longspur Dr; Executive Center Dr; Sheffield Dr; Pebblestone Dr; Florence Ave (State Rd 3340); Elder Ave; Creekwood Quorum Dr; Seaforth Dr; Drifter Dr; Yateswood Dr; Community Cir; State Rd 2966 (Rolling Hill Rd); Eastwood Dr; Saint Julien St; Berneway Dr; Butterwick Ln; Chapparall Ln; Country Oaks Rd; Idlewild Rd N; Nassau Blvd; Olde Creek Trl; Woodbridge Rd (State Rd 2965); Dunsinane Dr; Biederbeck Dr; English Hills Dr; Ivey Dr; Tower Point Dr; Chestnut Lake Dr; Harri Ann Dr; Summey Ave; Martin Lake Rd; Hollirose Dr; Cross Winds Rd; Green Oaks Ln; Great Wagon Rd; Eaglewood Ave; Stilwell Oaks Cir; Montezuma Trl; Tarrington Ave; Pineborough Rd; Olde Savannah Rd; Springfield Dr; Winedale Ln; Bluff Wood Cove; Krefeld Glen Dr; Viola Dr; Springway Dr; Blythwood Ln; Cole Dr; Campbell Dr; Walnut Creek Ln; Old House Cir; Coatbridge Ln; Lantana Ave; Country Club Ln; Plaza Walk Dr; Denning Pl; Fort St; Bristol Lake Ct; Ross Moore Ave; Greenbrook Dr; Sunflower Rd; Calibre Crossing Dr; Willow Park Dr; Parkland Cir; Falstaff Dr; Woodway Oak Cir; Glenville Ave; Four Seasons Ln; Briargrove Dr; Wicklow Pl; Gera Emma Dr; Timber Commons Ln; Tippah Ave; Summerfield Ridge Ln; James Rd (State Rd 2854); Chippendale Rd; John Penn Creek; State Rd 3169 (Tarlton Dr); Amity Pointe Rd; Oak Forest Dr; Thurmond Pl; Elm Forest Dr; Glenstar Ter; Markham Ct; Valleyview Dr; Abbeydale Dr; Creekridge Rd; Mimosa Ave; Dolphin Ln; Fugate Ave; Mallard Dr; Doris Ave; Dawnwood Dr; Elkwood Cir; Mc Alpine Ln; Leesburg Rd; Meadow Ln; Bishops Way Ln; Roanoke Ave; Bascom St; Teaneck Pl; Ivy Hollow Dr; Marshbrooke Rd; Merry Oaks Rd; Frances Irene Dr; Irvington Dr; Florida Ave; Greyston Apts Dr; Firethorne Rd; Prindle Lake Dr; Jeff St; Strawberry Point Dr; Masonic Dr; Belle Plaine Dr; Michael Dr (State Rd 2953); Connecticut Ave; Chestnut Ave; State Rd 2823 (Alanbrook Rd); Arena Ln; Runaway Bay Dr; Pinafore Dr; Rockmoor Ridge Rd; Winter St; Waterford Ridge Dr; Saddle Point Rd; Salamander Run Ln; Country Walk Dr; Delta Crossing Ln; Shade Valley Rd; Thompson Orphanage Dr; Sandhurst Dr; Hollyfield Dr; Aragorn Ln; Spanish Quarter Cir; Langhorne Ave; Kingsbury Dr; Elm Tree Ln; Attaberry Dr; Cricklewood Ln; Mc Nair Rd; Shenandoah Cir; Georgia Ave; Bald Ridge Dr; N Wendover Rd; Lumarka Dr (State Rd 3512); Donovan Pl; Pepperhill Rd; Goodwin Ave; Braewick Pl; Dora Dr; E Dresden Dr; Woodway Hills Dr; Southwood Oaks Ln; Asbury Care Center Dr; Gaynelle Dr; Thames Apt Dr; Saint Peters Ln (State Rd 4104); Mallard Dr S; Tremaine Ct; Kinghurst Dr (State Rd 2997); Cedarwild Rd; Terry Ln; Winchelsea Dr; Mc Millan St; Progress Ln (Bc Flag); Middlebury Pl; Timber Springs Dr; Rolling Oak Ln; Bentley Pl; Old Gate Dr; Slagle Dr; Causeway Dr; Biscayne Dr; Regal Oaks Dr; Tantilla Cir; Maywood Dr; Petrea Ln; Split Oak Dr; Maplecrest Dr; Townsend Ave; Chambwood Dr; Pence Pond Ln; Laura Dr; Market St; Gayle Ave; Wagon Oak Rd; State Rd 2868 (Wallace Ave); Joyce Dr; Conference Dr; Touchstone Ln; State Rd 2870 (Dale Ave); Delmar Office Dr; Virginia Ave; Prestwick Ln; Glendora Dr; Rothmore St; Eaglewind Dr; Gainesborough Rd; Hiddenbrook Dr; Crown Centre Dr; Lyon Ct; Ware Rd; Eastbourne Rd; Iris Dr; View Way Dr; Manchester Ln (State Rd 3210); Kimmerly Woods Dr; Oakwood Ln (State Rd 2944); Kipling Dr; Tiburon Cir; Sunset Chase Ln; Carved Oak Cir; Phil O'Neil Dr; June Dr; Santa Cruz Trl; Reddman Apts Dr; Forest Creek Dr; Eastcrest Dr; Idlewild Brook Ln; Charleston Dr; Kistler Ave; Robinhood Cir (Dekemper Dr); Long Pine Dr; Hickory Hollow Ln; Eaglecrest Rd; Temple Ln; Tibble Creek Way; Lakefill Rd; Rosedown Dr; Uppergate Ln; Huntley Rd (State Rd 3137); Summerhill Dr; Crater St; Cloverdale Ave; Hillbourn Dr; Raney Way; Winery Ln; Holly Knoll Dr; Preakness Stakes Ln; Winterhaven Dr; Bayswater Ln; Donegal Dr; State Rd 2983 (Thelo Dr); Highbrook Dr; Firth Ct; Louglen Cir (State Rd 2985); Westchester Blvd; Copperway Dr; Woodscape Dr; Saint Andrews Ln; Farmington Ln; State Rd 3207 (Sharon Forest Dr); Copper Creek Ct; Brook Rd; Galleria Blvd; Rainbow Dr; Dutch Village Apts Dr; Granby Ave; Summit Ridge Apts Dr; State Rd 2982 (Deliah Ln); Winged Elm Ct; Lea Wood Ln; Red Carriage Ln; Stoneybrook Rd; Donnybrook Pl; Dunfries Rd; Rockshire Dr; Beckwith Pl; Tamerlane Dr; Erskine Dr; Fortis Ln; Big Oak Ln; Norwich Rd; Nandina St; Carter Creek Dr; Wembley Dr; Ashmore Dr; Cobbleridge Dr; Duncroft Ln; Folkston Dr; Mantle Ct; Truman Rd; Cosby Pl; Northeast Pkwy; Highland Ave (State Rd 2861); Snow Ln; Abigail Glen Dr; Dowling Dr; Strider Dr; Coburg Ave; Wallace Glen Dr; Water Mill Ct; Stratford Ave; Woodbend Dr; Farm Gate Dr; Kenwood Ave; Sardis Crossing Dr; Valley Grove Rd; Bathurst Dr; Walterboro Rd; Reddman Square Apts Dr; Beechdale Dr; Powder Horn Rd; Fair Grove Ln; Keyway Blvd; Boston Ave; Medallion Dr; Heatherdale Ct; Cedarbark Dr; Brighton Brook Dr; Roland St; E Ford Rd; Sally Ln; Tarrywood Ln; Flynwood Dr; New Hampshire Dr; Pine Grove Ct; Claymont Dr; Lynmont Dr; Lockmont Dr; Langley Rd; Sloping Oaks Rd; Quail Field Dr; Daniel St; Lisa Cir; Twisted Oaks Rd; Crestside Ln; Cavalier Ct; Jennie Linn Dr; Corktree Ct; Flintridge Dr; E Lane Dr; Farmview Rd; Hanover St; Falmouth Rd; Knell Dr; Bandy Dr (State Rd 2995); Maureen Dr; Television Pl; Tiara Ln; Coach Hill Ln; Darbrook Dr; Timber Hollow Dr; Hillswick Dr; Quarry Rd; Marthas Ridge Dr; Tiverton Pl; Dearmon Dr; Belle Terre Ave; Bonnybrook Ln; Cresthill Dr; Logie Ave; Landis Ave; Hunters Run Ln; State Rd 3513 (Candis Dr); Citiside Dr; Coronation Blvd; Vicksburg Rd; Margate Ave; Teal Point Dr; Twin Falls Ln; State Rd 3339 (Bainbridge Rd); Rollins Ave; Twin Oaks Pl; Cyrus Dr; Matlea Ct; Iron Gate Ln; Maplewood Ln; Trappers Run Dr; Woodbriar Trl; Rosehill Dr; Clark St; Endolwood Dr; Sharon Chase Dr; Andora Dr; Green Forrest Dr; William Reynolds Dr; Triece Ln; Fulton Ave; Winston Dr; Tennille Ct; Amelia Dr; Mc Bride St; Cedar Glen Dr; Downs Ave; Oak Tree Trl; Shackleford Ter; Hickory Nut St; Timberlake Dr; Marguerite Ave; Acorn St; Stepping Stone Dr; Stonington Ln; Commodore St; Jenkins Dr; Chestnut Ridge Dr; Lynnville Ave; Ivydale Dr; Bellflower Ln; Lynton Blvd; Southway Rd; E 35th St; Autumn End Cir; Crown Crescent Ct; Buena Vista Ave; Waterford Creek Ln; Flamingo Ave; Othello Pl; Kavanaugh Dr; Cheryl St; Malta Pl; Starkwood Dr; Telford Pl; Walnut Grove Ln; Crystal Rd; Cardiff Ave; Waterman Ave; Windsor Gate Ln; Vista Dr; Susan Dr; Almond Rd; Colonnade Dr; Rosecran Dr; Lailwood Cir; Aster Dr; Brookchase Ln; Silverwood Ln; Chistow Rd; Cedar Springs Rd; Clement Ave; Amesbury Ave; Barnhill Dr; Carya Pond Ln; Dudley Dr; Dwight St; Bonneville Dr; Johnnette Dr; Blue Jay Ln; Graybark Ave; Farmstead Dr; Rockway Dr; Vestal Pl; Kilborne-In-The-Wood; Kerry Ln; Chantilly Ln; Wickville Dr; Streamside Dr; Granny Seagle Ln; Belcross Dr; Gwynne Ave; Forest Way Dr; Tulane St; Ivory Palm Dr; Karenstone Dr; Simpson Dr; Sycamore Grove Ct; April Ln; Downing St; Ebley Ln; Erinbrook Ln; Wiseman Dr; Briarfield Dr; Woodhill Ln; Muskogee Dr; Shady Ln; Ascot Dr; Glen Lyon Dr; Pueblo Ln; Jerilyn Dr; Leeds Dr; Benita Dr (State Rd 3335); Rockwood Forest Ln; Castlerock Dr; Old Lawyers Rd; Electra Ln; Larkspur Ln; State Rd 3336 (Chartwell Ln); Ivanhoe Pl; Olinda St; Cedar Tree Ln; Richland Dr; Mary Jo Helms Dr; Paloverde Ln; Scottwood Ter; Mc Ilroy Rd; Dade St; Sweethoney Creek; Highlawn Dr; Larchmont Ave; Santa Maria Ln; Old Lantern Way; Demill Ln; Cool Water Ct; Chrisbry Ln; Hancock Ter; Ventosa Dr; Regal Estates Ln; Brookview Dr; Eastport Rd; Mahogany Dr; Donnefield Dr; Violet Dr; Dallas Ave; Sherington Way; Running Wood Ln; Ashley Hall Dr; Redstone Rd; Roseview Ln; Longbriar Dr; Judas Tree Ln; Wilhelmina Ave; Clover Hill Ln; Firelight Ln; Sunrise Ct; Densmore Dr; Democracy Dr; Wilshire Pl; Fairlawn Dr; Balsam Fir Dr; Windham Pl; Raeburn Ln; Smokehollow Rd; Gladstone Ln; Lakeside Dr E; Rosecroft Dr; Pelican Ct; Frontenac Ave; Miriam Dr; Walsingham Ct; Brighton Pl; Tyrone Dr; Greywood Dr; Montfreya Ct; Sheringham Way; Autumnbrook Dr; Four Winds Dr; Elkins Park Dr; Erickson Rd; Rosemede Dr; Piney Path Rd; Heronwood Ln; Dalehurst Dr; Coble Ave; Cutler Pl; Wyanoke Ave; Patrick Springs Ct; Mohawk Ct; Lakeshore Dr; Hezekiah Alexander Entrance Rd; Mason Wallace Park; Applecross Ln; Mock Robin Ln; Chipley Ave; Hezekiah Alexander H Dr; State Rd 3514 (Revlon Pl); Chenango Dr; Beacon St; Magnolia Tree Ln; Rheinwood Ct; Brook Canyon Dr; Bowery Ct; Albany Ln; Mayview Dr; Mallen Dr; Belshire Ln; Bramble Ridge Ct; Randall St; Glenview Ct; Wallace Cabin Dr; Pinestream Dr; Oxford Way Ln; Goldfinch Rd; Saddle Ridge Rd; Adams Dr; Melrose Club Dr; Mendham Dr; Bluebonnet Rd; Coliseum Dr; Montego Dr; Snowcrest Ct; Princess Ann Dr; School St; Morninglow Ct; Amity Ct; Perth Ct; Fair Wind Ln; Carousel Dr; Rambling Rose Dr; Little Moser Ln; Sunlea Ln; Slatewood Rd; Bramlet Rd; Renard Ridge Rd; Lakeside Dr N (State Rd 2860); Dayberry Ln; Village Green Dr; Ashwell Oaks Ln; Athens Pl; Ganymede Pl; Brookhurst Dr; Amber Creste Ln; Kayla Ln; Helmdale Ave; Jensen St; Kenneth Ln; Michigan Ave; Peppercorn Ln; Blackvine Dr (State Rd 4117); Dubberly Ct; Kelly Rd; Courtland Dr; Audrey St; Knollgate Dr; Buick Dr; Holly Grove Ct; Bankston Pl; Hall Ave; Royal Fern Ln; Amity Garden Ct; Mc Manus Dr; Flushing Ct; Myrtlewood St; Accrington Ct; Copper Woods Dr; Briar Creek Pl; Trammel Ln; Admiral Ave; Marbetta Ln; Spring Lake Dr; Rose Terrace Ct; Montague St; Sultana Cir; Schubert Pl; Midwood Pl; Biemann Valley Dr; Hammett St; Woodwedge Dr; Mc Alpine Glen Dr; Ashland Ave; Forest Knoll Dr; Misty Way Ln; Spanish Oak Rd; Sablewood Dr; Corder Dr; Crane Point Dr; Falconwood Ct; Hamory Dr; Orchard Ridge Dr; Jakobson Dr; Grafton Pl; Duffin Dr; Kinsale Ln; Teague Ln; Misty Morning Dr; Pirates Cove Ct; Southgate Dr; Fair Springs Rd; Kindred Dr; Robinwood Dr; Misty Morn Dr; Ashwood Dr; Libeth St; Whipple Pl; State Rd 1004 (Wilgrove Mint Hill Rd); Oakmont Ave; Ottawa Ln; Jamison Place Ct; Rugged Stone Way; Shelley Ave; Gulf Stream Ct; Parkers Crossing Dr; Oak Valley Ln; Abbotts Glen Dr; Green Vista Ct; Manus Ct; Maypole Ct; Ficus Tree Ln; Snow Bird Ln; Colby Pl; Aspendale Ln; Maple Knoll Ave; Thorne Grove Ln; Norcross Pl; Brixton Ct; Heatherwood Ln; Tappan Pl; Cochran Pl; Knotty Pine Cir; Alicia Brittany Ln; Taurus Dr; Bent Tree Ct; Winter Elm Ln; Stoney Trace Dr; Winthrop Chase Dr; Charred Pine Cir; King Rd; Albright Ave; Elessar Pl; Mc Kelvey St; Split Rail Ln; Park Hickory Dr; Byrnes St; Wills Way; Burgin St; Pebbleridge Dr; Elsinore Pl; Avatar Dr; Painter Pl; State Rd 3199 (Whitfield Dr); Copper Park Dr; Commercial Ave; Pinta Ct; Fringe Tree Ln; N Ridge Ct; Possum Trot Ln; Forestdale Dr; Bannock Glen Dr; State Rd 3515 (Oline Pl); Vinewood Pl; Fortune St; Majeed Dr; Caradon Dr; Mohigan St; Grenada Dr; Pheasant Knoll Dr; Orchard Knob Dr; Cheval Pl; Becton Park Dr; Delta Ln; Lindfield Ct; Rosehall Dr; Cardinal Dr; Palmetto Ct; Pence Grove Rd; Red Squirrel Trl; Carolina Rose Ter; Crossing King Dr; Harwyn Dr; Lookout Ln; Wilson Grove Rd (State Rd 3135); Seifert Cir; Lynhaven St; Turquoise Dr; Pine Field Ct; Lubbock Pl; Cabotwood Ln; Conklin Pl; Dunhill Dr; Meadow Rose Ln; Mayberry Ln; Calabassas Ln; Sterling Haven Rd; Crown Point Dr; Westmoreland Ave; Touchwood Dr; Huntdale Ct; Louvaine Dr; Shiloh Ridge Ln; Van de Rohe Dr; Eastwycke Place Dr; Misty Lake Dr; Loretta Pl; Rosena Dr; Holly House Dr; Cressingham Ct; Hickory Ridge Ln; Campbell Creek Ln; Patricia Ave; Bremerton Ct; Terrybrook Ln; Charette Ct; Treetop Ct; Lyerly Dr; Greenhaven Ln; Farrington Ln; Hezekiah Pl; Rivergreen Ln; Back Bay Ct; Hillock Ct; Anne St; Ladys Slipper Ln; Hickory Valley Ct; Wallace Creek Ln; Spring Jet Dr; Albaneen Ct; Purvey Rd; Newell Ave; Trailhead Ct; Regatta Ln; Stonecrest Dr; Thornbird Dr; Grosse Pointe Ln; Beaufort Cir; Applewood Ln; Rawald Dr; Buford Ave; Jodhpur Ct; Buene Aire Dr; Mossborough Ct; Pinebark Ct; Timber Oaks Ln; Meadowcroft Ct; Burning Bush Ct; Jaldena Dr; Longfellow St; Optimist Ln; Courtyard East Dr; Shenandoah Pl; Rio Grande Ln; Grayling Ct; Umar Ct; Keats Ave; Hunting Ridge Ln; Vinetta Ct; Mandarin Blvd; Anthem Ct; Justins Forest Dr; Executive Cir; Glenn St; Ellen Ave; Birchbark Ln; Timmons Ct; Summergrove Ct; Hernando St; St Mary St; Feather Ln; Krupa Ct; Harrow Pl; Lynworth Pl; Forest Glen Rd; Eastland Ct; Glen Shadow Ln; Sir Barton Dr; Livermore Ln; Cold Water Ln; Bleeker St; Martha's Ridge Dr; Carriageway Ln; Vandalia Dr; Norchester Ct; Woody Glen Pl; Cadmium Ct; Latchington Ct; Farley St; Haverstraw Ct; Cedar Creek Dr; Harbinger Ct; Cypress Tree Ln; Sunridge Ln; Dockside Dr; Travers Run Dr; Market House Ln; Denon Hills Dr; Peach Bottom Ln; Clearmont Ave; Rock Hollow Dr; Bird Ln; Blairtree Ct; Stanley Ave; Elkin Ln; Covington Oaks Dr; Loma Ln; Aintree Rd; Honey Hurst Ln; Crownfield Ln; Arrow Ln; E Legade Dr; Littlejohn Ct; Stoneham Ct; Bonlyn Dr; Dana Ct; Havenlock Pl; Beechbrooke Rd; Honeysuckle Ln; Portia Pl; Laureldale Dr; Parkhurst Ln; Glen Robin Ct; Catskill Dr; Creighton Dr; Carteret St; Sweetwater Ct; Hampshire Pl; Shadow Moss Ct; Ilford St; Wolfe St; Raymond Pl; Overlook Trl; Meadow Hill Dr; Foxmeade Ln; Shiredale Ln; Sprague Ave; Cross Creek Ln; Ann Arbor Pl; Hollow Dr; Breitling Grove Pl; Peace St; Marin Dr; Hummingbird Ln; Holly Lee Dr; Love Ave; Raccoon Run Ct; Weldon Ave; Silver Falls Way; Middleburg Dr; Stephanie St; Big Creek Ct; Holly Berry Dr; Browning Ave; Jaslie Ln; Wood Sorrel Ct; Gaelic Pl; Nikki Cole Dr; Beechknoll Ct; Rural Hill Ct; Moody Rd (State Rd 2825); Elm Field Ct; Harvest Hill Dr; Langley Cir; Sterling Ct; Upas Ln; Breeders Cup Cir; Brooklet Ln; Sharon Pointe Rd; Long Ave; Osprey Watch Ct; Barr Dr; Moss Tree Cir; Harcourt Ln; Nathaniel Russell Ln; Cagle Ave; Crab Orchard Ct; Kimmerly Creek Dr; Pennridge Pl; Wilora Landing Rd; Doubletree Dr; Mill Valley Ct; Cottage Cove Ln; Willow Gate Ln; Whittier Pl; Penny Point Pl; Farmridge Ln; Lake Leslie Ln (State Rd 3137); Cambridge Wood Cir; Harness Ln; Willie Worrell Dr; Lawley Ln; Melba Dr; Royal Scot Ln; Ludi Mae Ct; Harris Park Dr; Burntwood Ct; Twickingham Ct; Nicks Tavern Rd; Lynfield Dr; Haywood Ct; Nedmore Ct; Vernedale Glen Dr; Brook Crossing Ct; Abercorn Ln; Hemsworth Ter; Gordon St; Mulberry Grove Rd; Villages at Forest R Dr; Hickory Trace Dr; Holliford Ct; Hollins Dr; Worrel Dr; Cromwell Ct; Arroyo Dr; Domino Ct; Lavern St; Fresh Wind; Little River Ct; Harris Grove Ln; Oak Dr (State Rd 3159); Two Moons Dr; Lawson Ln; Oak Grove Rd; Clardy Ct; Whispering Way; Saucalito Ct; Allenton Trails Ln; Char-Meck Ln; Heiden Dr; Trescott Ct; Gallison Ave; Stem Ct; Carnbrook Pl; Saint George St; Coral Way; Norse Dr; The Slopes Apts Dr; Mollys Pl; Gearus Dr; Captain Jack Cir; Cove Ridge Ln; Chipola Dr; Royal Ridge Ln; Terra Linda Ln; Clancy Pl; Rothmore View Ct; Pinecone St; Delta Landing Rd; Palmer Dr; Stonybrook Rd; Fire Tree Ln; San Rey Ct; Shaffhausen Pl; Whitley Ln; Lake Dr (State Rd 2852); Birch Leaf Ct; Indiana Ave; Leaford Ct; Denhem Ct; Wilton Pl; Wilkes St; Kirk Pl; Grenadier Ct; Pinemont Ln; Lantern Ct; Arching Oak Ln; Ashdale Pl; Stockwood Dr; Langford Ct; Blue Spruce Ln; Blackwood Ave; Snowdrop Dr; Cornwall St; Patio Ct; Bluestone Ct; Vero Ln; Curtis Ct; Mont Blanc Dr; Melanie Ct; Briargate Rd; Golden Rod Ln; Miramar Dr; Shellbark Dr; Egret Ln; Coldstream Ln; Alice Orr Dr; Angela Marie Ct; Swiss Hollow; Calliope Ct; Settlemyer Ct; Saint Michael's Ln; Cherry Tripp Dr; Bracey Ct; Thorson Hill Ct; Fernleaf Ct; Wildleaf Ct; Cloughy Cir; Juniper Tree St; Lakeshore Ln; Narayan St; Bradley Ct; Seattle Slew Ct; Oberland Pl; State Rd 2967 (Preston Ct); Vescova Ct; Globe Ct; Juliette Low Ln; Valendra Dr; Capstone Ct; Fuschia Ct; Bunting Ln; Puhlman St; Burner Dr; Swinstead Pl; Marston Ct; Greencrest Dr; Brian William Rd; Foxmead Ln; Hekate Dr; Argus Ln; Cordova Ln; Nesslaw Dr; Maid Marian Ln; Danube Dr; Lyford Ct; Palo Alto Ln; Baraway Dr; Dalmoor Dr; Hayes Ct; Nature Walk Dr; Kindling Ct; Crossvine Ln; Dunart Ct; Ticino Ln; Bonavie Cir; Chardmore Dr; Painted Trillium Ct; Basel Pl; Kimwood Pl; Calico Ct; Kinsley Marie Ln; Zorich Dr; Saint Mary St; Count Fleet Ln; Early Ct; Linda Lake Ct; Yardly Pl; Oak Hollow Dr; Tartan Ct; Windsorwood Ct; Onslow Dr; Winton St; Thackery Ln; Pepper Bush Ln; Sebring Cir; Herb House Ct; Willow Spring Rd; Blendwood Dr; Glenmeadow Dr; Glenelm Ct; Trellis Pointe Blvd; Oberwald Pl; Crescent Day Ct; Turtle Neck Ln; Waterleaf Ln; Ikarios Dr; Adriatic Dr; Shenandoah Creek; Olde Chantilly Ct; Tamora Dr; Edmund Ct; Castle Hayne Ct; Karen Ct; Merry Oaks School Dr; Thornhaven Ct; Old Hickory Ct; Double Lakes Dr; Endwell Dr; Willowlake Ct; Nutcracker Pl; Sylvia Ct; Trossacks Ct; Bodgit Ln; Collier Ct; Caroline Whitney Cir; Andros Ln; Ledgestone Pl; Sunglow Ct; Crofton Ct; Morington Ln; Metroon Dr; Tally Ho Ct; Nutmeg Ln; Saffron Ct; Waterford Branch Dr; Fern Glen Ct; Darius Ct; Garden Gate Ct; Oak Canyon Ln; Bellows Pl; Bearsfoot Ln; Cedar Bluff Ln; Rockspray Ct; Brunning Glen Ct; Stone Canyon Ln; Coriolanus Ct; Whiston Grove Ct; Ford Rd; Myrtle Garden Ct; Herons Pond Ct; Bonita Vista Ln; Delaware Dr; Lada Ln; Hillbriar Ct; E Robinson Church Rd; Rice Mill Ln; Old Well St; Jura Dr; Misty View Ct; Tiffany Crest Ct; Chestnut Oak Ln; Forest Green Dr; Redwood Terrace Rd; Deason Ct; King Richard Ct; Morgense Pl; Holston Ct; Gladden Ct; Yates Ct; San Luis Ln; Highbanks Ct; Harewood Ct; Karam Ln; Spring Glen Ave; Orange Tree Ct; Wythe Ct; Rosehedge Ln; Alcott St; New Day Ct; Laurel Springs Ct; Gregory Pl; State Rd 3206 (Redfern Ct); Topsail Ct; Amboy Ct; Hitching Post Ln; Mystic Ln; Belcamp Ln; Robinet Pl; Central Dr; Pickens Ct; Fall Ct; Pandora Ct; Birch Ct; Uxbridge Woods Ct; Apple Pie Ct; Sandy Glen Ct; Fred Herron Ct; Summer Oaks Dr; Tilbury Ct; Sun Ray Ct; Cortez Ct; Pin Oak Ct; Fox Hound Ct; Terra Cotta Dr; Girard Ct; Rose Taupe Dr; Raven Glen Ct; Edenwood Pl; Riverton Ct; Balgreen Ct; Biden Ct; Binford Ct; Castlewynd Ct; Gillespie Ct; Akram Ct; Carthage St; Corry Dr; Sills Ct; Hyacinth Ct; Golden Glow Ct; Adkins Ct; Hartland Cir; Gustar Ct; Ivory Ct; Campbell Burn Ct; Chapparall View Ct; Chiefly Ct; Scelina Dr; Cassio Ct; Bethany Pl; Coxwood Ct; Sky Blue Dr; Baleville Dr; Crown View Dr; Sutter Creek Ln; Rhododendron Ct; N Idlewild Rd; Arve Pl; Silver Charm Ct; Wenda Pl; Planters Knoll Ct; Teaberry Ct; Beechgrove Ct; Ibis Ct; Fallen Spruce Ct; Ridge Point Ct; Galena Ct; Wellwood Cir; Mazen Ct; Hazelnut Cir; A A A Dr; Endicott Ct; Claybury Ct; Alrose Dr; Forest Meadow Dr; Belquin Ct; 1st St; Pennant Pl; Triple J Ct; Talbany Pl; Subira Ln; Division St; Merry Creek Rd; Pine Hollow Dr; Joshua Tree Ct; Apalachin Dr; Cutshaw Ct; Dawndeer Ln; John Penn Cir; Easton Pl; Raj Ct; Kevin Ct; Hawthorne Ln; Wildhoney Ln; Ferguson Ct; Starshine Dr; Oakleaf Dr (State Rd 3221); Corinth Ct; Holly Oak Ln; Mc Kenna Ct; State Rd 3088 (Guice Crossing Ln); Chewink Ct; Tritton Pl; Mackenzie Ct; Dusky Pine Dr; Shelden Ct; Ficas Ln; Glen Verde Ct; Wingfield Ln; Amanda Nichole Ct; Madeleine Ave; Deerhorn Ct; Spring Branch Ct; Broomstraw Ct; Pengelly Cir; Brittmore Ct; Westcreek Ct; Tamalpais Ct; 50 St; Forest Mountain Ct; Verde Ct; Rope Makers Ct; Chalcroft Ct; Wallace View Ct; Dalesford Dr; Currywood Pl; Welbeck Ct; Partridge Cir; Wasena St; Eli Whitney Ct; Fernstone Cir; Guyandotte Pl; Petal Ct; Redan Ct; Cordwood Cir; Cornflower Cir.

Railroad features: Norfolk Southern Rlwy; Seaboard Coast Line RR.

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