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There's varying qualities at work here, from sharp, clean images from dedicated cameras to blocky, sloppy footage from a computer's built-in cam.

Most of the film is comprised of that better footage; it's unremarkable but steady and does manage some nice highlights and natural details, seen on grasses, kitchen appliances, and odds and ends around Alex's and Wyatt's bedrooms.

For more about Paranormal Activity 4 and the Paranormal Activity 4 Blu-ray release, see Paranormal Activity 4 Blu-ray Review published by The filmmakers may as well start calling the Paranormal Activity films "Normal Activity." Now on its fourth installment, and well on its way to number five, the lucrative fan-favorite spook series has become a staple of Halloween time movie releasing, supplanting the recently-retired Saw franchise as the de facto dependable annual moneymaker and audience frightener.

Not only do the films roll into the theaters just as the air chills, the leaves fall, and children decide which character they'll be for Halloween, they all recycle the same formula from one to the next, chucking originality out the window in favor of repetitive scenes and familiar scares that lead up to story advancement that more or less boils down to a couple of minutes of actual runtime, the rest of the film populated by cheap scares and tired tricks.

Whereas the first film was beautifully novel, the "sequel trap" hasn't been too kind to subsequent installments.

Logic would seem to dictate that any industry pushing the same movie a few times over would lead to diminishing returns, but the third installment saw a spike in revenue that, in all fairness, wasn't matched by 4 despite pulling in around 0,000,000.

It's a classic example of derivative and repetitive cinema; in the franchise and this film in particular, the scares come expectedly and predictably at just the right time, because it's the same movie with only the details of the gimmick shifted around to brand it as something new.Paranormal Activity 4 introduces a cool Xbox "night vision" mode that supplants the classic blue-tinted nighttime shot that's become a hallmark of the series, but this is otherwise the same movie with only different faces and a new house on the other side of the camera lens.It's been five years since Katie (Katie Featherston) and baby Hunter vanished from Carlsbad, California.It's a drag-down picture made of people living their everyday lives and, ever so slowly, their world begins to unravel.First, change comes innocently enough -- a new neighbor moves in, a young boy appears in a tree house, the same boy becomes an unexpected houseguest -- but slowly graduates to something more than creepy coincidence.

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    In July 2014, she announced she was leaving the station for a public relations role at the Harris County Toll Road Authority.