Vb net label not updating

when the dialog box appear, select the Use Connection String's Option.

Next, click build and at the Data Link dialog box, double-Click the option labeled Microsoft Jet 3.51 OLE DB provider.

This results in an to the corresponding Beverages category ID, and so on.

Jisun's changes to the product name have been overwritten.

For a web application that allows multiple users to edit data, there is the risk that two users may be editing the same data at the same time.

In this tutorial we'll implement optimistic concurrency control to handle this risk.

Both click the Edit button in the Grid View around the same time.

Jisun changes the product name to "Chai Tea" and clicks the Update button. At this point in time, the database has the values "Chai Tea," the category Beverages, the supplier Exotic Liquids, and so on for this particular product.

For example, when clicking the Edit button in an editable Grid View, the record's values are read from the database and displayed in Text Boxes and other Web controls. Later, after the user makes her changes and clicks the Update button, the original values plus the new values are sent to the Business Logic Layer, and then down to the Data Access Layer.

After this, you can proceed to build your ADO-based VB database applications.

The following example will illustrate how to build a relatively powerful database application using ADO data control.

Therefore, in situations where pessimistic concurrency is used, there's typically a timeout that, if reached, cancels the lock.

Ticket sales websites, which lock a particular seating location for short period while the user completes the order process, is an example of pessimistic concurrency control.

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