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And my heart glows bright red under my filmy, translucent skin and they have to administer 10cc of Java Script to get me to come back.(I respond well to toxins in the blood.) Man, that stuff will kick the peaches right out your gills!As I write this letter, many steps are being taken to meet the goals of the strategic plan.

Hannah Denette, class of 2018, won the 2017 Halo Award for best production program.

There is the whole WR, the whole USA, and the whole world that have feiseanna. Comes with bloomers and matching embroidered crown. I know running a feis takes a lot of resources (bot financial and volunteer) - but it doesn't seem right.

If they do start having 5 or 6 dances in an OC comp at a feis expect the entry fees to double. I think schools should be required to host - partner up with another school or something. (NT) -- *, 01/12/18 Fri Brand new album by Katie Grennan (TCRG, feis musician, and current fiddle player of band Gaelic Storm – featured in the movie Titanic) is now available on i Tunes.

These and many other experiences give our students what they need to be successful after high school.

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and valuable educational experience for your son or daughter.

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