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* We have received reports of Bean Counter not tracking all auctions properly. * Placeholder values for disenchanting percentages are in place, however exact values will continue to evolve as data is collected from the final Legion release Auctioneer users, We are pleased to announce the release of Auctioneer Suite release version 7.1 for Wo W 7.0 (Legion), the "Tasmanian Thylacine".

Changes from 7.0 Release: * Fixes to better handle when Wo W fails to return item and auction data * Category scanning is fixed * Fixes Appraiser sorting by time left * Fixes searcher problems with some new item links * Some tooltip tweaks * Fixes some issues in the system that prevents multiple copies of our libraries from loading Known Caveats: * Scanning - scanning is still often slow or unreliable.

Developers’ Notes: While many of the above changes are beneficial for Pv P, some specs need additional tuning for Pv P situations.

Some of the Pv P- specific changes we’re making are intended to counteract the above, while others are simply intended to help overall Pv P balance.

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If you experience issues or errors, please report them to us on our forums.

Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update.

This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.

We apologize for this, but Blizzard changed the format of their item Strings in such a way that we have found no effective way to match historical Bean Counter entries with the current, new items.

There are still some issues being caused by Blizzard bugs which we hope will be fixed in future Wo W updates.

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