Stories of teen dating abuse

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LBR is a movement by young people for young people about relationships. You’ve read and seen the endless stories on your timelines. Others may start daydreaming about somebody you find attractive or possibly recoil at the thought of intimacy. Read More With September in full swing, it’s time to trade our beach reads for textbooks, pack our bags, and prepare for the start of a new semester at college.Instead of retreating, hiding her damaged face from the world, she turned it toward the cameras to advocate for better laws to protect teens from the abusers who hunted and threatened them.Rivas and his wife, Megan Monaghan Rivas, who is acting as dramaturg on the production, see Orozco as "the live representative of a lot of dead girls." Like Shynerra Grant, a 17-year-old from Toledo killed in 2005 by a former boyfriend who had stalked her for months.Afterward, Orozco, who had accompanied the playwright to the meeting, cried from frustration. Rivas wasn't out to exploit the violence of the crime or to mine that story for its salacious details or operating-room gore. We need to talk about sexual and domestic violence in the open, Rivas said - "and not just in the Latino community." There aren't many plays that deal with the subject, at least not set in America: The Pulitzer Prize-winning "Ruined" dealt with the rape and sexual abuse of women in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.The classic "Death and the Maiden" features a woman taking vengeance on a sadistic captor for her torture and rape in an unnamed Latin America country.

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