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What’s the best thing about the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship? Both Signs have very powerful personalities, so neither will openly dominate the other.Once they can appreciate their differences, come together and agree on their individual roles within the relationship, the results can be intensely gratifying. Consult a spiritual advisor now With Mercury newly in Capricorn and about to conjoin Saturn, our thoughts could take a melancholy turn over the next few days.A gentle Scorpio lover, careful not to tether an Aquarius in too tightly can teach their mate about a life based on emotional intuition, one that quiets the intellect sometimes in favor of physical sensation.

Scorpio is inquisitive, digging deeply into the hidden meaning of things, always asking questions and wanting to know where things are going and why.The flash of lightning metaphor refers not just to the sparks between these two, but ultimately to the swiftness of their demise.With suns square one another in the Zodiac, Scorpio and Aquarius have natural tension which easily escalates to sexual attraction.Thankfully, the rest of the week gives us an opportunity for new beginnings. These two have natural chemistry, but ultimately clashing natures that will produce too much adverse weather for either to stick around.

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