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Executive producer Susan Bower said the character's storyline was created because of requests from young viewers in the Neighbours website's online forums.The storyline has also been based on the real life experiences of the show's writers.Chris initially struggled with his sexuality and the reactions of his friends, family and team mates.

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And because the guy wasn't pointing his remarks directly at Chris, Lucas didn't understand why Chris was so offended.Mason and the show's script producer defended the storyline, saying that it was not a ploy to boost ratings and that it explored how Chris's coming out affected the people around him.Television critics and LGBT websites have given the character and his storyline development a positive reception.He added "I know it's quite a sensitive topic, but I think the difference between his and the last encounters they've had is that we're looking more in-depth into more than just a "gay kiss".We go more into the relationships, how it affects people around".

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