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A 26 year old lady from Orlando East, Soweto became the first women in South African woman to be a SAFA Accredited Agent.

Karabo took the decision of being an accredited SAFA AGENT after a business partner suggested she consider the career.

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In the past he also managed to successfully rename himself as “Adii Rockstar” and he now claims that was an exercise in branding.But Google didn’t buy it: they said the content violated the platform’s community standards, according to Dlamini.“You talk about community standards, but you’re only talking about western community, not African community. They just said these are our standard terms, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to use the platform,” said Dlamini.Working with more than 200 cultural groupings across the country and in neighbouring Swaziland, Dlamini is organising a series of protests against Google to force them to rethink their position.The TV Yabantu You Tube channel launched in 2016, and it caught on quick, adding 3000-4000 new subscribers every month And then, beginning in April last year, You Tube started slapping age restrictions on cultural content that featured bare-breasted women. Viewer and subscriber numbers plummeted because the channel was now much harder to access.At the same time, this content was labelled as “not suitable for most advertisers”, which hit TV Yabantu’s bottom line.

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