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Only that Percy Jackson is being hidden from godly sight by Anubis' stupid trice-cursed cousin and said cousin's little human mate...

So Anubis first has to convince : Parent switch AU, where Percy is a son of Pluto, Nico is a son of Neptune and the other children of the Big Three are a surprise. What if Percy and Nico got to grow up together in New Rome, what if Percy had pet skeleton dinosaurs and Nico could turn into a merman?

The thing is, he doesn't need protection - he needs adventure.

So he leaves them a note and then he leaves for the mortal world.

When Jace presents as an omega, Valentine discards him as useless - but Sebastian and Alec, happily mated for a few weeks now, step in and ask to have him as a reward for their good work.

Everything seems to crash down around Percy as Poseidon learns about the domestic abuse Percy and Sally suffer at Gabe's hands and thinks he has a right to take Percy away from home.")- only a pairing; don't just spring a pairing at me and say "I want you to write more of this! If I had a plot for a pairing I like, I can assure you, I would be writing it.So if you want a pairing, request a plot for said pairing and we'll see- Fandoms I'm not a part of; chances are that if I haven't written for the fandom yet, I'm not part of it or not interested enough in it to invest time in stories for it3.) If you want a birthday present fic, then please request ahead of time.He wants to meet humans, wants to explore this rich and beautiful world above. The young god, posing as a human by the name of Percy, really wants to get to know Nico better but he doesn't have a grip on human rules and society so his entire journey is basically pretty awkward and pretty entertaining for others.: "The Alphas of Percy Jackson" is going to be a collection of short, unrelated stories set in the ABO-verse and centered around omega! If things go as planned, it will feature all of my favorite pairings. Only that the two keep edging on due to both being alphas.He ends up on an island kingdom where he meets fascinating people - thieves, priests, sorceresses, even a prince. So Anubis wishes to get his mate the perfect omega to balance them out.

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