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Regardless, it’s my pleasure to present to you Random Curiosity’s Spring 2013 preview, the product of countless hours from seven of our writers — many of which are coincidentally also celebrating their one year anniversary of writing here. As a quick reminder, each entry is divided into two paragraphs: As with last season, we’re bringing back our Expectation Levels in an attempt to help you decide what to watch based on how excited we are about each individual shows.

For more on this, including our definition of each level, check out the overall impressions section at the very bottom.

Having given us some of the best series in recent years, the spring season has established itself as one of the strongest and most packed seasons, second only to fall.

It seems like that trend continues this spring, as we have some 35 series debuting (compared to the winter’s 31).

As people's minds are getting dirty, being attracted by the dirty spirits, the monsters break the rule to go to the human world.

Tsutomu, a boy who goes to Yokai Elementary School, is suddenly assaulted by monsters.

With series such as all falling under those respective categories, it’s just a great season to be a fan.

Interestingly enough, I’m one such fan myself, and it makes me wonder if there was a measure of fate involved in me being the intro/outro writer this season.

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Meet the Osomatsu boys—sextuplets who look, speak, dress and talk like the same.Type AB was found later) to which we all belong, revolutionizing the world's view of man's biochemical makeup.Reliable blood transfusions were now fatal reactions that occur when blood from incompatible groups combines.Along with his dependable friend Oota who helps him with tasks he is unable to accomplish, the lethargic teenager constantly deals with events that prevent him from experiencing the quiet and peaceful days he longs for.A teenage boy has now moved in the home of his mother's friend, because she had died a while back.

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