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I don't wear openly cause of closed minded people with their name calling and ridicule.After all men wore long before women back in the days of henry the 8th.until a day i was browsing on the internet and i happen to meet DR PALOMA Email [email protected] never believed on this but i needed my man back so i gave the spell caster my problem at first i never trusted him so i was just doing it but you know a problem shared is half solved after a 2das my husband called me telling me that he his coming back home and that was we are living happily and i still do contact him on this email: [email protected] well said anonymous...Sit at yer work desk is danager from clots from yer legs so wear support tights that help to smooth.

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If men want to wear stockings, or nylons, then so be it.

it for anyone like women, men, children that can wear tights as legs pump fast blood flow from heart that very important also keep out from bug bites on yer legs which show red spots or mark and sit too long is very risky as clots usual develop and block lung airway..

tights are for anyone to wear, i do wear tights with oversize tshirt that seem lot comfortable.

So MEN TO BE MEN need to wear wool socks or cotton socks, and I suppose they can't wear earrings, or a pink shirt or what else... The last response by Howdy Doody is about as silky as they come.

How in the world does he come to such a silly conclusion.

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