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7 benefits of location-based social media service by 1km distace range 1) Worker's hobby in weekend : Social media for worker's hobby like clubs, gatherings at work etc.(ex)Study club in weekend, dating club, bowling club in weekend, movie club etc)2) Various small gathering for the hobby: climbing club, boarding club, biking club, traveling club, study club etc3) Social media for Free chat : Free chat available for everyone, getting along with new friends by free gathering club4) Location based Social Media: Making friends through free chatting with neighboring university students and businesspeople.

5) Club Search: Join a club you want with category search function6) Creating Club: Anyone can create club, or group chat7) Real Time Monitoring: Surveillance on inappropriate chat or club even on weekends If you're ready to escape the dating app games and find something real, this is the community for you.

There are many programs for men to stand up against domestic violence by men, and no programs urging women to stand up against domestic violence by women.

This ratio of men to woman victims of intimate partner physical violence is not reported in the Executive Summary or other fact sheets of the NISVS survey.60)) If one adds in rape (606,000 victims) the total is 5,427,000 women-but there is an issue of double-counting of an incident as both rape and intimate partner physical violence.

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The place you can sympathize and be consoled with the stories from daily things to the things that hard to say.

Where the people talk together, '1km' is that kind of place.

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Within a 1km radius Nice guys first ever met Start a new relationship with hot buddies near neighbor New friends, Various styles of meeting Find new fun in your 1km radius- who is near around me?

'1km photo'Because the photo view is in a line,you can see 4 photos of your kiromi's photo around you at once!

8) The partner was deemed the “primary aggressor” in 54.9% of the cases.

The results from the open-ended questions showed that 16.4% of the men who contacted a hotline reported that the staff made fun them, as did 15.2% of the men who contacted local DV agencies.

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