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Sexton is used to such scrutiny and will be minded not to let the furore become a distraction.

Even so, there is no denying the fact that he has had a turbulent time over the last 18 months, being stood down for 12 weeks towards the end of 2014 after suffering four concussions.

as a member of the Maryland line, wounded at Camden and again at Guilford. Gates, but was not allowed to join them but marched to near Camden in South Carolina where they did join them the day before the battle, known by the name of Gates defeat.

“We target players all the time, that is part of rugby,” said Jones scornfully. “Cheap shots do happen, you might get one a game, sometimes it is malicious, sometimes it is not,” said Ford. It is part of your job.” His inside centre, Owen Farrell, insists that direct running is designed simply to create space rather than to inflict damage on an opponent.

He assembled with other troops at Hillsborough, which was about the close of the Tour." ANDREWS, Thomas, Pvt., Cumberland Co.

that after the Battle the Troops being all dispersed and scattered.

“I’d be worried about him (Sexton), if he has had whiplash injury, that is all I am suggesting. You win a game of rugby by attacking their weak points and to say that is unfair is just ridiculous.

We’ve got the best medical staff here and we’ll make the best decision for the player. You think Ireland are not going to send (centre) Robbie Henshaw at our fly-half, George Ford. It is a legitimate tactic and it has been happening since Adam and Eve.” Ford is one of the smallest fly-halves in the modern game yet Jones has no qualms about his man’s durability. “100%, because it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog and I have no worries about George standing up to Henshaw, and he can also give you things in attack that the bigger guys can’t bring,” said Jones.

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