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Lathem and Warren were ordered held without bond, with Bourgeois commenting that, "The heinous facts speak for themsleves." For months before the July 27 slaying, Lathem and Warren allegedly discussed killing a person and them killing themselves to complete a sexual fantasy they'd shared, Assistant State's Attorney Natosha Toller revealed Sunday.

They decided they would kill someone and, afterward, Lathem would stab Warren to death while Warren shot Lathem, Toller said.

Those conversations eventually led to the two stabbing Lathem's boyfriend, 26-year-old Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 70 times while the man slept, prosecutors said. " Cornell-Duranleau asked after awaking during the attack, prosecutors said.

And prosecutors revealed there almost was another victim, but that person may not have showed up.

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The Northwestern University professor charged with stabbing a man dozens of times confessed he did it with another man as part of a premeditated murder-sex-suicide fantasy they plotted in an online chatroom, prosecutors revealed Sunday.

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Lathem eventually decided they'd kill his boyfriend, Cornell-Duranleau, Toller said, and Warren agreed.Lathem asked Warren for help and Warren put his hand over Cornell-Duranleau's mouth, and Cornell-Duranleau bit Warren, Toller said.Warren then hit Cornell-Duranleau with a "heavy metal lamp," Toller said, while Lathem continued to stab the younger man.Appearing in court Sunday, the men were quiet while attorneys discussed the case.There did not appear to be anyone in support of them inside the courtroom, though an attorney for Lathem said 25 academics had submitted letters to Judge Adam Bourgeois on his behalf.

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