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It may be far from your standard Sheffield dating experience but you’ll learn more about your date, and yourself, than you would if you were just sat down having a drink in the local pub.

Pool your grey matter and see how compatible you really are with this great option for local dating in Sheffield.

Haroon Patwari, 53, has his whole body riddled with tiny tumours, one of which has grown to enormous proportions on his upper right leg.

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If you have seen, read or heard about the new wave of gaming options that force you and a partner to work together in order to plot your escape from a series of rooms, The Great Escape Game is a fantastic date night option in Sheffield.This is the ideal setting for a laid-back and care-free Sheffield dating experience between couples who don’t need to go over the top to impress each other.With tasting menus and plenty of specialist dishes, this is a classy café that provides you with something different.If you have intensive work commitments, then why not try Sheffield dating first thing in the morning or maybe even at lunch time.There are many activities for you to try that do not involve going out in the evenings to pubs or bars in Sheffield.

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