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I tink d hv 2b sumtin fishin goin al depend hw d relatnshp started... if she needs to use the phone all she has to do is ask for the code.what makes you think the husband that doesn't lock his phone doesn't delete every inappropriate message?Sometimes, some of these men dont lock their phones because of their wives, its probably because of outsiders, and also to have some degree of privacy, so its wrong 4 us to conclude dt they lock their phones because of us, u can only say dt after asking 4 d unlocking code, when there is need 4 it, and he refuses to tell u.Meanwhile, everybody has right 4 his or her privacy, we dont have to be suspicious, it is breach of trust, i, personally dont touch my man's phone unless i run out of credit and i want to use his own phone to call. and anytime the code is compromised, i tell her after changing it. And in case the phone gets missing, who ever finds it wont access sensitive info.em!cos the phone is not locked does not mean he does not cheat.I know of a lady who locks her phone yet always wants to access the husbands phone until the husband got angry and started locking his own.

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To him it was a case of false accusation and also even if they really dated, they were talking of 10yrs earlier, should she still hold it against him?We are all delibrating about husbands who has security locks on their phone. I don't usually have security locks in my phone until three of my phones got stolen in a year. We share the same password and lock our phones because of the kids. Its so sad most people don't even trust the women they are married to. There are several reason why a man would like to lock his phone.1.There is nothing like giving space when the two should be one. What is wrong with these people and how did they get into this bondage? Organizational Policy: When you work in an organization where you use your smart phone to access organization's network or official email, you are required as a matter of organizational policy to always lock your phone and not to share the password with anyone else.2.Do you know why 12yrs into some marriages some women would just love any opportunity to go on a vacation alone and just not be bothered by anything about family for at least just few days,its bcz its getting to choke and God bless the spouse if he doesnt see it coming and let her have some freedom.Not that she's selfish but she needs to ease that nerve by some privacy.

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