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The present red-brick Gothic style building was completed in 1886 and houses 100,000 books.

Blackfriars Bridge Opened in 1869 by Queen Victoria.

Some parts date back to the 12th century when it was attached to a priory, it was here that John Harvard, who founded Harvard University, was christened in 1607 and where Shakespeares brother Edmond lies buried.

Designed by Wren and completed in 1677, to commemorate the Great Fire of London of 1666.

Designed by Charles Barry and the underlying genius of Pugin who was responsible for all the decorative work.

The buildings occupied the site of the old Royal Palace of Westminster which had burnt down in 1834.

Their name comes from the Knights Templar, founded in 1100 for the protection of pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land.

The Inns of Court (Grays Inn and Lincolns Inn are the others), have housed barristers chambers for over 500 years.

Europes largest commercial riverside development, comprises office buildings and Hays Galleria which opened in 1987 as a new shopping complex.

This Palladian building was erected in 1786 when the river still reached its walls.

It takes its name from the Duke of Somerset who started a palace on this site in 1547. This includes two of the four Inns of Court - the Middle Temple (in whose Elizabethan Hall Shakespeares Twelfth Night was performed in 1601) and the Inner Temple.

Guided tours give an opportunity of witnessing this great Elizabethan theatre in its inaugural season following its reconstruction exactly as it would have been over 400 years ago.

The tours paint a vivid picture of the surrounding area and of the theatre itself in which Shakespeare was not only a shareholder but also an actor and where most of his plays were first performed.

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