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A lonely British man who flew across the world to propose to a woman he met on the internet has been stabbed to death by her jealous boyfriend - just two days after he arrived in the Philippines.

John Lorne Mc Donald, from Aberdeen, fell for Filipina who had placed details about herself on an internet dating site - but police suspect she failed to tell him she already had a boyfriend.

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'Mr Mc Donald arrived in the Philippines last Thursday and called around at Nancy's house on Saturday,' said officer Petalvero.'From what we understand, she introduced her live-in boyfriend, Lacostales, as her brother.

But trouble came after they all went out to dinner.'According to evidence police have gathered, after Mr Mc Donald, Miss Romero and Lacostales had dined in an Angona restaurant, they moved on to a karaoke bar, where the drinks flowed.

Miss Romero received stab wounds in the stomach and arms and is now in intensive care.

According to police officer Edgar Petalvero, who is in charge of the case, Mr Mc Donald met Miss Romero through an internet dating site chat room.

Mr Bell claimed he had no part in the deaths of the men and that they crashed their bike after firing at him.But investigators now believe that the boyfriend was with the pair throughout the evening and had stabbed them when he heard Mr Mc Donald talking of marriage.The British Embassy in Manila said Mr Mc Donald's mother, who lives in Aberdeen, was being informed of his death.The 28-year-old Scotsman packed his bags and flew to the town of Angona, 20 miles east of Manila, where he met his chat-room lover, 31-year-old Nanqueen 'Nancy' Romero, face to face for the first time.Jealous: Angona, 20 miles east of Manila, where John Lorne Mc Donald met his chat-room lover, Nanqueen 'Nancy' Romero, face to face for the first time.

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