Error updating locale 7961

The “Auth Fail” message was displayed while attempting to download the term41.default.loads file.If you haven’t reset the phone, you can encounter the error when the phone is attempting to download the xml file.Cisco may require you to have a smartnet contract before you download the firmware, but if you do not have one, there are firmware files available on the internet. Download the firmware for the specific phone you are using. If you are downloading an older version of the SIP/SCCP firmware and it only comes in a file extension.(if cisco doesnt allow you to download the firmware, check here: ftp://ua/pub/cisco/ip-7900ser/ or for phone firmware). Just rename the extension to gz and extract it to a directory using winzip or winrar.

In order to get past this, you’ll need to downgrade the phones current SCCP firmware to sip.8-5-2.If that is the case, just load version 3 (P00303010102), then load to version 5 (P00305000500), then jump to version 8.0.9 (P00308000900).To do this you have to download those firmware versions and just extract them all into one directory. Now download and place this file into your firmware directory. Next plug in the phone by crossover cable or ethernet switch to the computer you are running this server from (make sure you disconnect any device attached to the network which resolves an ip through dhcp, as this will conflict with any other dhcp server on the network). Power Cycle the phone and clear the configuration by holding down the # key and then plugging in the phone.So the best thing to do is to upgrade your SCCP phone with a newer SCCP load before switching over to SIP.If you have a very old version of SCCP, you will find that you cannot immediately upgrade to this version.

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