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King George V passed through Haverhill on his way to see them.

Factories like Gurteens shut up shop for the day, and everybody turned out to cheer the king and watch the soldiers.

General Booth visited Haverhill in 1910 to further the work of the Salvation Army. He had trained as a Methodist minister, but left that church to pursue an evangelical mission.The Recreation Ground was opened with great ceremony. The silk weaving firm of Kipling and Co was taken over by Walters. Gurteen to commemorate Queen Victoria's diamond Jubilee.The Haverhill Electric Palace was opened in the alley off the High Street, where the motor cycle shop now stands, at the rear of 39 High Street. Barclay's Bank now occupies Dr Goodman's house at number 39.Military manoeuvres took place at Hundon and Horseheath.

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