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His government effectively ceased to exist on April 1, 1901, after he pledged allegiance to the United States following his capture by U. Miguel Malvar continued Aguinaldo's leadership of the Philippine Republic after the latter's capture until his own capture in 1902, while Macario Sakay founded a Tagalog Republic in 1902 as a continuing state of Bonifacio's Katipunan.They are both considered by some scholars as "unofficial presidents", and along with Bonifacio, are not recognized as Presidents by the government. Quezon was elected the first President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, which had been established, still under United States sovereignty, under a constitution ratified on 14 May of that year.During its first five years, the President could serve for an unrenewable six-year term.It was later amended in 1940 to limit a President to serving no more than two four-year terms.Filipinos refer to their President as Pangulo or Presidente.The President serves a single, fixed, six-year term without possibility of re-election.When President Quezon exiled himself to the United States after the Philippines fell to the Empire of Japan in World War II, he appointed Chief Justice José Abad Santos as Acting President and as Acting Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces.Abad Santos was subsequently executed by the Imperial Japanese Army on May 2, 1942. Laurel became President under a constitution imposed by the Japanese occupation.

On January 23, 1899, he was then elected President of the First Philippine Republic, a government constituted by the Malolos Congress under the Malolos Constitution.Andrés Bonifacio could be considered the first President of a united Philippines since he was the third Supreme President (Spanish: Presidente Supremo; Filipino: Kataas-taasang Pangulo) of the Katipunan, a secret revolutionary society.Its Supreme Council, led by the Supreme President, coordinated provincial and district councils.In the other major languages of the Philippines such as the Visayan languages, Presidente is more common when Filipinos are not actually code-switching with the English word.Depending on the definition chosen for these terms, a number of persons could alternatively be considered the inaugural holder of the office.

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