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Whilst chemical or manual castration sounds nice, Dr Psycho has an idea for an experiment for castration with Electro Shock Therapy….

The beautiful Dr Psycho dressed in immaculate business suit, tight leather corset and wearing austere glasses has placed her patient in the medical inspection chair and proceeds to strap him down ensuring he is complexly helpless.

As every man knows, looking effortlessly fashionable often requires, ironically, a whole lot of effort. But once you get it down, you're ready for that interview, wedding, funeral, or any other event that guys who refuse to wear suits end up wearing a suit to. There are really only two measurements you need to know when picking out your shirt: your neck size and your sleeve length. Knowing the proper size of your neck and sleeves will ensure a better fit, and will minimize any tailoring you may want to do to the body of the shirt.

You might not know the first thing about buying a suit and tie, but fret not—we'll tell you what you need to know. A lot of guys don’t have to wear a tie every day, but it is a basic staple in the modern man's wardrobe arsenal. How: For your neck: Measure around your neck so that you graze your Adam’s apple.

Dr Psycho’s patient has been referred to her by another Mistress who wishes to put an end to her slave’s horniness through castration.

So leave a fair bit of room without covering up your fit physique with too much excess fabric.3. A pair of jeans can still be comfortable and look good. You want the fabric to create about two natural "creases" at the bottom of each leg. And what happens when your dress shirt gets bunched up in your carry-on for that important trip? Set to COTTON (assuming your dress shirt is cotton, like most). They are more important than you think because they're literally the foundation of any outfit. It's a simple nonverbal statement that says, "I actually give a shit." If maintained, they are a worthwhile investment.

The pant break: This is up to you, but the rule of thumb is that the slimmer the suit, the less the break. This way they have a little extra fabric, but they aren't bunched up. Once you find a pair that works, I can pretty much guarantee you will want to wear those, and only those, every day. There's always an iron and a board in a hotel room. We live in a disposable world, but it doesn’t mean everything has to be.

One of these houses is run by Madame Catarina where corporal punishment and other chastisements are the main methods of correction.: Madame Catarina Looking stunning in seamed stockings, knee high leather boots, leather pencil skirt, white blouse and black leather corset Madame Catarina has decided to use her butler slave as a human footrest as she reads her book and smokes a cigarette when there is an unexpected caller.

A Mistress has sent an errant slave husband for training.

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