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Jeremiah kindly invited me," she explained, smiling appreciatively at the bundle of sunshine that had apparently stolen Jeremiah's body, "I've been having some trouble finding work lately. I always wanted to be a healer, but, you know, for obvious reasons that was out of the question…"Lex cast a couple of quick glances at her target in the room. Lex's emotional theatrics were hardly necessary, however, as the group seemed to be swallowing her words hook, line, and sinker.

From the periphery of her vision, she watched as the gigantic woman, who'd introduced herself as Magdalena, perked up in her undersized chair. The group leader with the sicky-sweet voice tilted her turban-clad head to the side, raised her eyebrows, and pursed her lips, as if to say .

Perhaps the only melodious voice in this choir belonged to her copper-toned neighbor on the left.

There sat Jeremiah Jonkers, nodding, smiling encouragingly, and, honestly, looking much-too-chipper for his own good.

This response was exactly what Lex had been waiting for, but she suppressed her imminent fist-pump and feigned hopeful surprise instead.

Lex's left eye twitched compulsively at the use of the term 'interweb,' but she quickly summoned her limited social graces and buried deep her nerdy need to correct the man.The droll greeting sounded as a low rumble from the right side of the group's circular formation, where an unnaturally tall man and woman perched uncomfortably on a pair of much-too-small folding chairs.Meanwhile, directly across from Lex, a shrill, yet elegant, issued from a pile of cushions, into which one of the short British creatures she'd seen at the bank was currently sinking.It was handwritten by John Maskell and each chapter details how to create different types of fireworks Each chapter details how to create different types of fireworks, including the Fruiloni and Vertical wheels (pictured) and Sky and Caduceus rockets.The common 'fire' used in the cases consists of 1lb (453g) of 'Healed Powder', 4oz (113g) of saltpetre, 2oz (56g) of sulphur and 4oz (113g) of charcoal According to the manual, Vertical Wheels are ‘likewise calculated for 2oz cases’, and are ‘nearly the same size as Fruiloni, but the block is not so long and the spokes are only turned so as just to clear the cases and give room for communicating, typing and pasting.’One Vertical Wheel in the book has even been designed to celebrate the marriage of King George III and the teenage Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1761, and features a tin crown on top of the structure.

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