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Restless under house arrest, Peter turns the basement into a bar and Lois ends up stealing the show.Meanwhile, Stewie attempts to create a time machine to avoid teething pain.After the overwhelming success of DVD sales and cable ratings on Adult Swim, FOX decided to revive the program, and it began airing again on May 1, 2005.A direct to DVD movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, was also released and it was later re-edited for television and aired as three episodes: "Stewie B.Goode", "Bango Was His Name Oh", and "Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure".For just a simple view with no images go to the List View Against strict orders from Lois, Peter drinks profusely at his buddy's bachelor party.Lois is furious with Peter when he allows Meg to attend a party the same day as Stewie's first birthday.

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Peter must embark on a vision quest to prove he has Native American blood to save the day.But when Joe shows up to the game in a wheelchair and wins the crowd's hearts with his slick maneuvers and winning plays, Peter decides he wants to be a hero too.Chris is booted from the Youth Scouts, so Peter takes the family to the Big Apple to get him reinstated.But when he gets carried away at an auction and bids ten million dollars on a piece of art, he's forced to trade in his new home.When Peter discovers the mansion was a whorehouse and isn't worth a dime, he must pull a fast one to save the day.

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